Forum Guidelines

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Here are some general guidelines for commenting etiquette:

In general we would prefer users to be referred directly to the FAQ if they have a query. 

No swearing. Goes without saying really, but if you use any foul language you’ll get an instant ban. 
No referral links. Once is okay if you were unaware of the rules, but repeat offenders will get a ban.
Don’t be rude. This one is more subjective but in general if you’re making fun of someone, commenting on their intellect or generally being antagonistic then you might find yourself banned. (Remember, what you find funny might be very upsetting to someone else - even if other users think it’s a joke that still doesn’t mean the target doesn’t have the right to be upset.
Be sensitive when starting comment threads, we at Pick My Postcode are supportive of interesting topics of discussion, but in general conversations about politics & religion will descend into chaos so be careful.
We don’t want to be Big Brother or anything of course, but the comments are primarily for users to talk about our website and we want everyone to have a pleasant experience. Sticking to these rules will create a much nicer atmosphere for all.
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